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Hi, I'm Erin. I'm so glad you're here! I'm a Licensed Professional Counselor and credentialed advocate, and I'm passionate about helping you heal from past trauma and reclaim your life.



Erin Bellamy

I'm a Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC). That means I have a master’s degree (from OSU- go Pokes!) and a license to practice counseling in Oklahoma. I'm also a credentialed advocate through the National Advocate Credentialing Program. That means that I complete 32 hours of continuing education every two years in the field of victim advocacy.


…But I’m also a human being. And even though my time in school was important, it’s my own experiences in this life that make me so passionate about helping others. Like you, I’ve known loss, heartbreak, anger, anxiety, fear, and grief. My life may not look exactly like yours, but I will show up with compassion and empathy and hold space for whatever it is you are going through.


You should also know that I’m a reader. (Ok, my love of reading borders on pathological.) I consider myself a lifelong learner, and much of what I read has to do with psychology. If you take into account my reading, continuing education courses, podcasts, and professional consultations, I’m pretty much immersed in the field of psychology all day every day. And I love it.


In my 10+ years practicing as a full-time therapist, I’ve had some incredible experiences. One of those was meeting Dr. Robert Hare and Mary Ellen O’Toole (shout out to the true crime fans reading this) and learning how to administer the PCL-R, the test for psychopathy. During that time, I was working for the State of Oklahoma Office of Juvenile Affairs and conducting psychological assessments on incarcerated juveniles. Learning how to spot dangerous people is an invaluable skill, one which I use in both my professional and personal life.


You see, sometimes the most dangerous people in our lives are the ones who seem the least threatening. Our partners, family members, church friends, coworkers, and even authority figures can do a lot of damage if we don't know what to look for.

I created Emotional Self-Defense to help protect people just like you from emotional manipulation. My own experience in therapy has had a profound positive impact on my life, and I consider it a gift that I'm able to help others in this way.

Hare Pic.jpg

Dr. Robert Hare, considered to be the world's leading expert in understanding psychopaths.

O'Toole Pic.jpg

Dr. Mary Ellen O'Toole, retired FBI Profiler and consultant on the show Criminal Minds.

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